Coming Home!

Leading up to it's European Premiere Fatal Promises has caused quiet a stir in Kat's home town
Vienna. The film will be opening this year's Human Rights Film Festival "This Human World"
on December 3rd at the Burg Kino, one of Vienna's prime locations and most traditional theaters.
Days after the tickets went on sale for opening night and therefore the premiere of Fatal Promises
the theater was almost sold out.

The Press in Vienna has also expressed great interest in Fatal Promises early on ever since
Johannes Wegenstein, the founder, announced that the film will be opening this years festival.
Kat and her mother and co-producer Anneliese have been interviewed by several magazines and
newspapers and will be on Austrian Radio Oe3 this weekend.

When asked how Kat feels about showing her film at home she says:" I am very honored that our film
is opening the festival and I have to say that it is very fitting for a Human Rights Film Festival, because
after all I believe that the exploitation, the abuse and the lack of freedom victims of Human Trafficking
experience are three very basic violations of our human rights."

Kat also mentioned that she is very happy that a festival like this exists here in Vienna and she hopes
that a lot of people will come out and also see as many films as possible during the festival.
"Some of these documentaries will never get a chance to reach the mainstream audience via TV or
DVD, so this is a wonderful opportunity for both the audience and the film to see and be seen."

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