Fatal Promises takes Vienna by storm

"It was an amazing, heartwarming evening." says Fatal Promises director Kat Rohrer about the
December 3rd European Premiere as the opening film of This Human World Film Festival in Vienna.
A short pre-cocktail party at Aux Gazelle with a touching performance by the children's
choir of a viennese middle school, who in the freezing cold sang wonderful renditions of
Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" in several different languages and Michael Jackson's "We are the world"
marked the opening of the Film Festival.

After this powerful opening the crowd moved on to the Burg Kino, one of Vienna's most established
movie theaters, where Fatal Promises played in front of a sold out house to an enthusiastic crowed.
At the Q&A following the film's premiere producer Anneliese Rohrer and director Kat Rohrer were
greeted with enthusiastic applause by the audience. Anneliese and Kat then answered questions from
the crowd which ranged from outrage about the political hypocrisy regarding Human Trafficking
depicted in the film to genuine concern and a call to action.

Kat said after the Q&A:" Playing in our home town to such a crowed has been one of the most touching
moments in this journey. If people after the film come up to us and say:"I did not know this was going
on. What can I do to help?" Then we know we have done our job well."
Now the Fatal Promises Team is looking forward to the film's second screening at the Festival
tomorrow December 11th at 8:30pm at the Top Kino.

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