We need your help to get Fatal Promises on the road

We need your help!
For the past three years, GreenKat Productions and director Kat Rohrer, alongside producer Anneliese Rohrer, have been working tirelessly by using their feature documentary “Fatal Promises” as an outreach tool to educate about the important issue of Human Trafficking. Their efforts have brought them all over the globe, from Berlin to Madrid, including more then 20 campuses across the U.S. They have spoken to a multitude of diverse audience from students to activists to politicians, in order to raise awareness, as well as to start a meaningful debate and share their personal insights on the ever growing problem.

“Apart from being insightful as a film, we hope that Fatal Promises will be used to spark activism and true change at conferences, schools and community gatherings all around the globe” - Kat Rohrer

Now, in order to streamline this effort, garner more attention, and to reach as many people as possible, Kat and Anneliese have decided to take “Fatal Promises” on the road.
In March 2012, they will embark on a 21-day journey along the U.S. East Coast in an RV to bring the film to as many campuses and community groups as possible. Their goal: 21 days, 21 screenings

Please, help us get the film on the road by donating via our Kickstarter campaign.

Our goal is to raise $7000 in 30 days. Please help us reach that amount, because otherwise we will not receive any of the funds.

To learn more about our campaign and how to donate, please visit:­projects/­759846522/­fatal-promises?ref=email