GreenKat films Mural Project for ArtWorks for Freedom

GreenKat is proud to share the video it has producd for it's partners at ArtWorks for Freedom. Artworks has been in partnership with Groundswell Community Mural Project for the past year. After Kay Chernush, founder of ArtWorks, made an initial presentation to the group in Brooklyn, the young people met weekly and did their own research, concept development and design under the leadership of artist Nicole Schulman. They stayed connected via Skype as the work progressed and now this amazing 12-panel mural series that addresses human trafficking has been added to ArtWorks arts portfolio.

ArtWorks approached GreenKat Production and asked if we could film the process of the teenagers while they were paining the murals and if we could be their for the unveiling. Here is the amazing result of that collaboration:

Check it out at­watch?v=6UE1Kk2nszA& and please share the link with your friends and colleagues and networks.