Kat Rohrer participates in SVA Women Strong Event

On Wednesday night, GreenKat's own Kat Rohrer was invited to participate in the School of Visual Arts' "SVA Women Strong" event. An event aimed at highlighting work by female filmmakers past and present at SVA, and to give an insight into the challanges that women in the film industry face.

Kat was invited to be the alumni representative on the evening's panel, along other accomplished women such as Jenna Ricker, Rachael Levine, Laverne Berry, and Caitlin Burns.

The panel shared stories about their past challanges and hopes for the future, and gave advice to the young student filmmakers in the audience.

The event was copresented by the SVA Film and Video Department, New York Women in Film, and the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition.

A write-up of the event in Variety

Caitlin Burns, Jenna Ricker, Kat Rohrer, Laverne Berry, Rachael Levine