Its been a whirlwind!

As we announced earlier this month, we had two premieres in two countries this week and it has been amazing!

Both screenings were sold out! Packed with protagonists, crew, family and friends, and a lot of people we didn't know and who loved our film. We are so grateful and proud to have the film be shown in two major countries of production: Israel and Austria

And to top it all of our media coverage has been amazing.
Here are just a few, some in German, some in Hebrew:

German Radio­

Austrian Newspaper and TV­home/­leben/­mensch/­5302890/­Was-tun-mit-der-Vergangenheit­profile/­Religionen-der-Welt/­1656/­Religionen-der-Welt/­13949347

Israeli Radio

Interview starts at 45min­player/­?stream=vod&account=ipbc&is_mms=true&medias%5B0%5D=ipbc-LxhbC1-6Vas&width=100%25&height=0px&font_size=10&style_schema=ipbc&fullScreen=false&audio_tag&showEmbedded&qualityChange­Radio/­item.aspx?pid=10341