Fatal Promises premieres at SVA Theater in NYC

Following the success of its premiere on Tuesday, Fatal Promises has now opened to the public and is showing at Manhattan’s Cinema Village.

Thomas Stelzer, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs joined the film-makers and an array of visitors from around the world for the film’s premiere.

Cecilia Attias of the Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women, who also attended the screening, immediately told her followers on Twitter: “I urge you all to go see Kat Rohrer's Fatal Promises - an amazing documentary about human trafficking- we must fight together to end it.”

Director Kat Roher said: “Seeing how people reacted to the film both touched me and gave me hope that together we can start to tackle this problem. I do hope that during our run we will be able to educate our audience with our panel discussions and Q and A’s.”

The School Of Visual Arts Theatre hosted both the film and the after-party which transformed into a hotbed of discussion about human trafficking.

On it’s first night at Cinema Village, the evening screening was followed by a Q and A with director Kat Rohrer, Erhard Busek (former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, currently Coordinator of the South-Eastern Cooperative Initiative (SECI) and Chairman of the Institute for Danube Region and Central Europe), and Helga Konrad (former Austrian Secretary for Women's Issues and former OSCE Special Representative on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings).

The film is playing now with merchandise (all profits go to charity) and with a number of night-time screenings hosted by NGOs including History Starts Now.

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