Absolute Calm

Henry, a young man in his 30s, secludes himself from the outside world after being struck by illness and tragedy. A small garden is the only source of comfort for his pain. Alone with his thoughts whilst gardening, his world of isolation is disrupted one day when a beautiful stranger, Grace, appears by the fence. The two strike up a conversation and discover they both suffer from the realities of life. Grace leaves, but not without consequence as Henry’s spirits and will to live grow like the flowers he’s planted.

Days later, an unexpected letter from Grace arrives, sparking a new relationship for Henry. As the correspondence grows more, so do Henry’s feelings towards Grace as the pain of the past begins to shed away. The letters get more intense and Henry struggles with his desire to tell Grace the truth about himself. Then as suddenly as they started, Grace’s letter stop. Henry is devastated and his heart begins to wilt from the pain again. He loses himself back in his garden, only to find that solely nature can truly bring rebirth.

Type: Narrative Short Film
Status: Post-Production
Length: 16min

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News: "Absolute Calm" has been accepted to the 2008 Cannes Short Film Corner. Roey and Kat will be attending.

Henry Francisco Valera
Grace Thea McCartan
Gloria Andrea Weston

Director Roey Shmool
Cinematography Rossana Rizzo
Editor Minos Papas
Music Tao Zervas
Art Director Lee Yaniv
Costume Sam Carroll
Prod.Manager Christina Stefanidis
Producer Kat Rohrer